The Gateway Meal Giveaway!

Know someone who could use a free meal?

All week (March 23rd to March 28th) we are giving out gift cards good at our merchants offering take-out and delivery.
Nominate someone you know that could use a free meal and tell us why you nominated them. We’ve got a gift card for you and a gift card for them.
Winners will be picked daily.

Monday Winner: Alyssa Thorman nominated Branden Thorman a bus driver for UTA who continues to work to ensure the most vulnerable can get to where they need to!
Tuesday Winner: Kim Herdenson, who nominated Stephanie H because her family has both health care professionals and first responders.
Wednesday Winner: Cedar Collins, who nominated his sister Stephanie Allen because she is a bartender who is not currently working during these times and has 4 kids.
Thursday Winner: Lauren Hess, who nominated her mom, Stephanie Hess, who is going through chemotherapy and is unable to leave her home.
Friday Winner: Allie Cordon who nominated Nate Dopp, a Costco employer who is in the front lines, keeping the store running during this difficult time.
Saturday Winner: Camille Applewhite, who nominated her brother William Applewhite, who is fixing semi-trucks to make sure they arrive to their destination.


We’re stronger together! Click here to nominate someone.

Participating Tenants:

Chedda Burger

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
3-course Filet & Lobster Dinner.

Serving SkinnyFats and Blaze of Thunder 11 AM -8 PM

The Store Fine Foods Market
Open regular hours & fully stocked!

Midici The Neopolitan Pizza Company

Momi Donuts


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