Salt Lake City’s next hot spot – Punch Bowl Social

September 18, 2019

Source: Gastronomic Salt Lake City
By Stuart Melling

Get ready for Salt Lake City’s next hot spot. This weekend’s unveiling of the Salt Lake City location of Punch Bowl Social – a business we’ve all been excited to see open.

Currently, Punch Bowl Social has 19 successful locations across the country. For the location in Utah, the design bods took inspiration from SLC’s Olympic history and riffed backwards through time. There are fun Olympian/Greek effects throughout the space, bleeding into astrological/constellatory imagery, a hot Pink Floyd bedecked karaoke room, and copper toned seating and artwork, reflecting the states mining history.

Punch Bowl is known for their food menu built around “shareables” – plates that can be passed around the table and shared between everyone. The Chicken ‘N Waffles are a particular standout (made with a chipotle citrus maple syrup). The team are seriously committed to making everything from scratch in house. And not only does Punch Bowl Social have an award-winning craft cocktail program, but they have a range of non alcoholic creations that are crafted with every bit of care as their boozy cousins.

Punch Bowl Social has a variety of games and activities: ping-pong, mini-bowling, darts, private karaoke, arcade games and board games. Stop by for a plate, linger over a drink and stay for a game or three of your favorite pastime.

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