The Creator of Chedda Burger’s Boundary-Pushing Menu

September 21, 2019

Source: Utah Stories
Heather L. King

Nick Watts introduced Utah to The Chedda Truck in 2012 and garnered the attention of burger aficionados across the Wasatch Front. Today, the newest location at The Gateway features the same boundary-pushing menu items Watts has developed over the years. Some are originals on the Chedda Burger lineup like The Mother Hen; Turnpike Love, drizzled with housemade Chedda whiz; or The Green Mile, where green chile and mustard drip down your arm as you gobble the bacon and mac & cheese-topped monster.

New to the always-bold options is La Tula; a south-of-the-border inspired mouthful of chicharrones-crusted guacamole sprinkled with cotija cheese, topped with pickled red onions and a dollop of jalapeno mayo for an extra kick.

It’s all perfectly paired with a thick ice cream shake or local beer to make a meal complete.

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